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Killer Poker Analysis: 12/4/2011

This is the last edition of Killer Poker Analysis - at least for the foreseeable future. In this show, I wrap things up by addressing seven important themes that relate to everything I've talked about over the past few years.

Killer Poker Analysis: 9/7/2011

1.) Possible merits of buying into no-limit hold'em cash games with stacks shorter than 100bbs 2.) Suited connectors in no-limit hold'em 3.) cEV Mode: What it means to be in chip accumulation mode in tournaments

Killer Poker Analysis: 7/27/2011

1.) The impact that rake can have on game selection and in-game strategy 2.) Clumping

Killer Poker Analysis: 6/22/2011

1.) Shifting from cEV mode to "ICM mode" 2.) Session management

Killer Poker Analysis: 6/15/2011

1.) What happened to poker? 2.) Short-stacked NLHE: don't be scared of being 3-bet

Killer Poker Analysis: 6/8/2011

1.) Managing your chip stacks at the table 2.) When (if ever) you should show hands 3.) The cardinal rule: "Always leave yourself outs"

Killer Poker Analysis: 6/1/2011

1.) Playing in Straddled Pots 2.) Sklansky's Fundamental Theorem of Poker 3.) A Recent PLOsaster

Killer Poker Analysis: 5/25/2011

1.) When to take rebuys and add-ons 2.) Straddles 3.) Dealing with opponents who expose their cards to their neighbors

Killer Poker Analysis: 5/17/2011

1.) Avoid making unqualified predictions about how good or bad a certain game will be 2.) Balance and deception 3.) Protecting hands vs. maximizing value

Killer Poker Analysis: 5/9/2011

1.) Don't Tap the Glass: How to Act in Live Games 2.) 3-Bet Shoving Preflop vs. 3-Betting Preflop and Shoving any Flop 3.) Metagame: When to Adjust; When not to Adjust

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/22/2011

1.) Black Friday updates 2.) Brick-and-mortar play following Black Friday 3.) Edges in live play that can't be had in online play

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/1/2011

1.) How to make good deals in tournaments; how to decline bad deals 2.) Strategic considerations for playing in no-limit hold'em games when preflop raises are large 3.) Advanced ways to optimize table selection in online cash games

Killer Poker Analysis: 2/18/2011

Topics covered: 1.) In no-limit hold'em (NLHE) tournaments, should we be trying to avoid getting in jam/fold spots to begin with? 2.) Thoughts on playing 15bb-25bb stacks in NLHE 3.) Common mistakes made by live no-limit hold'em cash game players

Killer Poker Analysis: 12/3/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Using Poker Tracker 3 to find leaks in your game 2.) Bubble play in MTTs with top-heavy payout structures 3.) Joseph Cheong's A7o hand at the 2010 WSOP ME Final Table

Killer Poker Analysis: 10/15/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Strategy for Rush multitable tournaments versus regular multitable tournaments 2.) How to respond when a short-stack shoves and a big stack 3-bet isolates 3.) 3-betting 20bb stacks in response to a 2.5bb open raise

Killer Poker Analysis: 8/13/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Double or Nothing sit 'n go (SNG) strategy 2.) How to maximize the effectiveness of your HUD as a 15ish big blind stack in multitable tournaments (MTTs) 3.) Effective tournament selection Left click to listen now, or right click to save for later listening ...

Killer Poker Analysis: 8/6/2010

Topics covered: 1.) The hand that knocked Phil Helmuth out of the 2010 Bay 101 Main Event Left click to listen now, or right click to save for later listening ...

Killer Poker Analysis: 7/2/2010

Topics covered: 1.) How to play AA in 3-bet pots 2.) What mistakes you should avoid when playing live poker 3.) The limitations of Harrington's M value Left click to listen now, or right click to save for later listening ...

Killer Poker Analysis: 5/14/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Rebuy tournaments: when to rebuy or add-on; when it's possibly correct not to 2.) How to play the final table of a multitable tournament 3.) How to maximize your profits in ultra-restricted buy-in no limit hold'em cash games Left click to listen now, or right click to save for later listening

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