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Killer Poker Analysis: 12/4/2011

This is the last edition of Killer Poker Analysis - at least for the foreseeable future. In this show, I wrap things up by addressing seven important themes that relate to everything I've talked about over the past few years.

Killer Poker Analysis: 6/8/2011

1.) Managing your chip stacks at the table 2.) When (if ever) you should show hands 3.) The cardinal rule: "Always leave yourself outs"

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/22/2011

1.) Black Friday updates 2.) Brick-and-mortar play following Black Friday 3.) Edges in live play that can't be had in online play

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/15/2011

1.) Black Friday: the US government's actions against PokerStars, Full Tilt, and UB. I assert that while this is a huge blow for those who enjoy playing online poker, the issue at hand is really much bigger - and I talk about how the US has strayed from the principles it was founded upon.

Killer Poker Analysis: 12/17/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Playing no-limit hold'em when blinds and antes are unconventional 2.) The theory behind raising 3.) Setting goals for the new year

Killer Poker Analysis: 12/10/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Position in no-limit hold'em: when it's an advantage; when it isn't 2.) Defending against 3-bet shoves preflop in no-limit hold'em 3.) Is grinding 50+ hours per week for $10/hr really worth it?

Killer Poker Analysis: 10/1/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Finding good bluffing spots in no-limit hold'em 2.) Strategy for bounty tournaments 3.) An introduction to basic strategy for parimutuel betting pools

Killer Poker Analysis: 6/25/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Why it's important to see situations from multiple perspectives and to think differently in varying environments 2.) How watching experts in action can be a great way to improve your play 3.) Why playing online without all available tools can severely handicap you Left click to listen now, or right click to save for later ...

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/30/2010

Topics covered: 1.) How to choose which tournaments to play 2.) Comparing weak players of the past to weak players of the present 3.) The hypocrisy of US government: rant about how (the official betting site of the so-called most exciting 2 minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby) can operate while the freedom to play online poker is constantly threatened

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