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Killer Poker Analysis: 12/4/2011

This is the last edition of Killer Poker Analysis - at least for the foreseeable future. In this show, I wrap things up by addressing seven important themes that relate to everything I've talked about over the past few years.

Killer Poker Analysis: 1/28/2011

Topics covered: 1.) Hands to get all-in with early in 50/30/20 payout single table tournaments. 2.) Are there no-limit hold'em (NLHE) hands that are only worth playing in a raised pot? Also covered in this discussion is the value of suited connectors in NLHE. 3.) Dealing with tight-aggressive players (TAGs) in NLHE.

Killer Poker Analysis: 1/21/2011

Topics covered: 1.) When to play jam/fold preflop in no-limit hold'em (NLHE); when to deviate from jam/fold preflop in NLHE 2.) Playing made hands in NLHE when your opponent's range includes some drawing hands 3.) Bet sizing and mathematical pressure

Killer Poker Analysis: 1/7/2011

Topics covered: 1.) Being process oriented rather than results oriented 2.) Heads-up no-limit hold'em: jam/fold play 3.) Heads-up no-limit hold'em: deeper stacks Left click to listen now, or right-click to save for later listening ...

Killer Poker Analysis: 12/10/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Position in no-limit hold'em: when it's an advantage; when it isn't 2.) Defending against 3-bet shoves preflop in no-limit hold'em 3.) Is grinding 50+ hours per week for $10/hr really worth it?

Killer Poker Analysis: 11/5/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Playing from the big blind in no-limit hold'em in pots with limpers 2.) Playing from the small blind in no-limit hold'em in pots with limpers 3.) Responding preflop when a loose-aggressive player is to your right and you're both in early position

Killer Poker Analysis: 10/29/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Basics of jam/fold play in SNGs and at MTT final tables 2.) Raise -> 3-bet jam equilibrium 3.) Why blind structure shouldn't factor into your tournament decisions

Killer Poker Analysis: 10/22/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Size Doesn't Matter: the importance of small pots in no-limit hold'em 2.) Showdown Equity and Fold Equity 3.) Rounder's Radio listener, SolidSnakeLogic, calls in and we talk about player rewards and maximizing $/hr

Killer Poker Analysis: 9/17/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Using position to assist with making reads in no-limit hold'em 2.) Strategy for Cashout tournaments at Full Tilt 3.) +cEV vs. Optimal cEV (settling for any profitable line isn't enough; you need to find the most profitable line) Left click to listen now, or right click to save for later listening ...

Killer Poker Analysis 9/3/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Evaluating the true worth of deposit bonuses 2.) Figuring out what games you should play based on your bankroll and your ability to beat games at various stakes levels 3.) Setting up your HUD in Poker Tracker 3 and Hold'em Manager for maximum effectiveness Left click to listen now, or right ...

Killer Poker Analysis: 8/13/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Double or Nothing sit 'n go (SNG) strategy 2.) How to maximize the effectiveness of your HUD as a 15ish big blind stack in multitable tournaments (MTTs) 3.) Effective tournament selection Left click to listen now, or right click to save for later listening ...

Killer Poker Analysis: 7/30/2010

Topics covered: 1.) How you can improve your heads-up play 2.) When you should defend the blinds in no-limit hold'em 3.) How to find leads in your game using Poker Tracker 3 or Hold'em Manager Listen Now Download Now ...

Killer Poker Analysis: 5/7/2010

Topics covered: 1.) How to play jam/fold no-limit hold'em in tournaments with flat payout structures 2.) Whether to setmine in or to play your small pocket pairs some other way in no-limit hold'em 3.) Effective ways to play in position against limps and against raises Left click to listen now, or right click to ...

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/30/2010

Topics covered: 1.) How to choose which tournaments to play 2.) Comparing weak players of the past to weak players of the present 3.) The hypocrisy of US government: rant about how (the official betting site of the so-called most exciting 2 minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby) can operate while the freedom to play online poker is constantly threatened

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/16/2010

Topics covered: 1.) How to play against donk bettors and whether you should ever donk bet in no-limit hold'em 2.) Independent Chip Modeling (ICM) and general tournament theory 3.) How to adjust to low stakes no-limit hold'em cash games online if you haven't been playing for awhile Left click to listen now, or right click to save for ...

Killer Poker Analysis: 3/19/2010

Topics covered: 1.) Datamining: is it ethical? Ethical issues put aside, should you be doing it? 2.) How to be effective when analyzing recent play 3.) The theory behind non-exploitable shoving ranges Left click to listen now, or right click to save for later listening ...

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