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US Players Can Exchange PokerStars FPP for Cash

I know some people who had $1,000s worth of FPP in their accounts. Fortunately for them – and for you – PokerStars is allowing US players to exchange their FPPs for cash.  Just log into PokerStars, go to the VIP store, and select VIP Bonuses and Cash Rewards. First, claim any unclaimed Stellar Rewards and Milestone Bonuses (these have the best $/FPP conversion rates). Then, spend the rest of your FPP on the following VIP Reward Bonuses:

  • $4,000 for 250,000 FPP (Supernova) ($0.016/FPP)
  • $1,500 for 100,000 FPP (Supernova) ($0.015/FPP)
  • $650 for 50,000 FPP (PlatinumStar) ($0.013/FPP)
  • $300 for 25,000 FPP (GoldStar) ($0.012/FPP)
  • $50 for 4,500 FPP (SilverStar) ($0.011/FPP)
  • $25 for 2,500 FPP (BronzeStar) ($0.010/FPP)

Conversion rates increase with the size of the bonus, so it’s best to spend your points on the highest rewards and to work your way down…until you’ve spent your FPP balance to below 2,500 FPP. Because you’re only allowed to exchange discrete amounts of FPPs, you’ll have $0-$25 worth of FPP left in your account (I have $10.65 worth of points in my account). PokerStars will likely end up claiming a nice chunk of change from those remaining balances – but at least they’re allowing us to reclaim most of our money.

May Your EV Always Be Positive!

Tony Guerrera


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