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Product Review: PokerNearMe

Some friends of mine have been working on an awesome project – a project so awesome that I’d like to share it with you. It’s called PokerNearMe. Before starting my review, I guess a disclaimer is in order: I’m biased in wanting my good friends to succeed with their endeavor. Of course, I’m also biased when it comes to who I associate myself with. When you associate yourself with hard working, intelligent, and creative people, endorsing the products they produce is a pretty natural thing to do :)

As the project’s name wonderfully implies, PokerNearMe finds poker near you. Currently, PokerNearMe exists as an iOS app and a website. Currently, the iOS app is the most functional and polished part of the project.

I’m not giving up my HTC Thunderbolt any time soon, and I’m not in the habit of carrying my iPod Touch around. However, the iOS app is extremely well-executed. If a PokerNearMe Android app existed, it would be on my phone.

On GPS-enabled iOS devices, PokerNearMe is capable of snagging your location, providing a detailed listing of poker rooms within your desired search radius, and providing directions to your room of choice (note that their coverage is currently limited to poker rooms in the United States and Canada). Without a GPS-enabled device, you can select a location and find out pretty much everything you need to know regarding poker possibilities at your destination if you have internet access. And since PokerNearMe stores some information locally to your device, it’s even useful if you’re without internet. Without internet access, you won’t get details like whether you can watch TV while playing (yes, their poker room data is really that detailed); however, you’ll have basic information at your disposal – such as room contact information and games offered.

If you’re in an area with lots of poker rooms (like Las Vegas or So. Cal), the amount of data to pour through is staggering. Fortunately, the mobile app allows you to set filters to search for cash games or tournaments of interest. If you’re looking to play $500+ buy-in tournaments during your next trip to Vegas, PokerNearMe will find your target tournaments with ease. If you’re looking for a $4-$8 H.O.R.S.E. game in So. Cal, PokerNearMe will also have you covered. Whatever your game/tournament of interest is, PokerNearMe will help you with either finding it or determining that it’s not available anywhere within your search radius.

If you’re a poker player with an iPhone or iPad, you owe it to yourself to download PokerNearMe. Even if you have an iPod Touch, PokerNearMe is powerful enough without GPS and provides a decent amount of information even if you’re without internet access. Meanwhile, if you’re sans-Apple, the PokerNearMe website currently features a listing of poker rooms by state. The website doesn’t currently feature the search functionality that’s present in the iOS app. However, detailed information exists on (I think) every poker room in the US.

I’m hoping that my friends are able to bring the PokerNearMe website to the same level as the iOS app. I also hope that my friends make an Android app available. However, while working on those improvements, I selfishly hope that my friends will still have time for evenings filled with 80s TV/movies, Dominion, and DeathSmiles (where we currently hold the #1 score on the XBox 360 coop leaderboard).

Find PokerNearMe on AppStoreHQ.

May Your EV Always be Positive!

Tony Guerrera


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