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Quick Life Update

How time flies! I realize it’s been almost a month since my last blog post and my last Killer Poker Analysis recording. I’ve heard from some great fans during this time, and I thought I should just write something to say that I’m getting back into the groove soon. After returning to Vegas after my travels to Taiwan and Macau, it took me quite awhile to get over my jet lag. And pretty much as soon as I was over my jet lag, it was time to start my job with WMS.

Work has been awesome so far, though it seems that I’ve contracted some sort of annoying sinus infection. My sleep habits have been surprisingly good, but I definitely didn’t do a great job of consuming enough fruit smoothies and nutritionally balanced meals. I’m in Chicago this week on business, and since I forgot to pack my Sudafed, I just spent a bunch of time tonight wandering the streets of downtown Chicago looking for a nasal decongestant containing pseudoephedrine HCl. It’s too bad that it’s a chemical precursor to methamphetamine (aka crystal meth). In my experience, pseudoephedrine has proven to be a much better nasal decongestant than phenylephrine.

The first Walgreens I went to was out of stock. No Sudafed. No Walgreen’s generic. Nothing. As a result, my quest was much more epic than I thought it would be. Thanks to my HTC Thunderbolt for making the journey somewhat manageable (and for the 4G LTE tethering that I’m using as I write this life update).

I return to Vegas this Friday, and I’ll be distributing the August KillerEV Hand of the Month this weekend. Additionally, episodes of Killer Poker Analysis will resume in September. After doing a lot of flip-flopping, I’ve decided on recording episodes of Killer Poker Analysis to be distributed around the 1st and 15th of each month.  Meanwhile, I’m also looking forward to, once again, blogging about decision-optimization and other interesting topics pertaining to life on and off the felt. And finally, I’m now writing occasional articles for Poker Player Newspaper, and I’m striving to be better about making videos for Pocket Fives Training. I don’t have time to do videos on a frequent/regular basis, but I would like to get videos out slightly more frequently than once every few months.

I hope life is treating you all well. And as always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Contact me if there’s anything (poker-related or not) that you’d like my thoughts on.

May Your EV Always be Positive!

Tony Guerrera


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Tony Guerrera is an established poker author, an instructor at PocketFives Training, a member of Team Moshman, and host of the popular poker strategy podcast, Killer Poker Analysis. Tony blogs about decision optimization on and off the felt at


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