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Enjoying Life as a Vegas Local!

It’s been about 10 days since my last blog post. Time flies when you’re taking care of business Tsunami style! I thought I’d catch up with all the KillerEV faithful via a lighthearted post, mostly talking about life away from the felt.

Last Week’s Edition of Killer Poker Analysis

If you missed the 3/19/2010 edition of Killer Poker Analysis (my weekly podcast on Rounder’s Radio), I covered the following topics:

1.) Datamining
2.) Effectively analyzing your play away from the tables
3.) Nonexploitable shoves

The next airing of Killer Poker Analysis is Friday, 3/25/2010, at 5:00PM PT. Topics for each show typically come from my listeners, so contact me if there’s a topic you’d like for me to cover on an upcoming show.

Vanity Plate Double Entendre

While driving around Vegas over the weekend, I saw the following Nevada license plate: “CA GIRL”. Is the CA for “California” or for “Call?” I don’t know if this affects P(California) or P(Call), but a male was driving the car and a female was in the passenger seat. Really, I could care less given my strong libertarian inclinations. However, it’s almost guaranteed that the person is simply proud of her California roots. Was the double entendre intentional, or was the registrant completely oblivious (for my own amusement, I’m assuming she was completely oblivious…lol)? Regardless, there’s an important lesson to be learned: think very carefully before committing to things like seemingly ultra cool license plates or tattoos :)

Wii Virtual Console Rocks!

Those who listen to my show and read my blog regularly know that I’m a classic gaming addict. In that spirit, I’ve slowly been building my collection of games for the Wii Virtual Console. My three most recent purchases were Ninja Gaiden (arcade version), Super Ghouls & Ghosts, and Lords of Thunder.

The arcade version of Ninja Gaiden was extremely disappointing. It’s not the worst game I’ve ever played, and I’ll play through it to beat it. But it’s no where near up to par with the other games from the great series.

Super Ghouls & Ghosts brought back great memories of a CT summer spent playing basketball in my driveway and battling countless challenges on the Super Nintendo. The graphics and music, absolutely amazing for their day, are still impressive in 2010. And it’s an extremely fun game to play. IGN ranked this as the 5th toughest game of all time. I think that the ranking might be a tad high, but Super Ghouls & Ghosts isn’t for the faint of heart.

Lords of Thunder is an absolute gem that I had never even heard of until a few days ago. It’s a shoot ‘em up (shmup) that was released for the TurboGrafix 16. I never owned that system, but if they churned out tons of games like this one, I missed out! Lords of Thunder is an outstanding shmup (I have extremely discerning taste when it comes to shmups, so for one to be outstanding in my book is quite an achievement)! Lords of Thunder is more chaotic than megatabling, and it’s set to the tune of some awesome heavy metal music. I’ve been trying to get Evelyn to play it with me, but I have some more convincing to do.

Great Japanese Restaurant in Vegas

I discovered an awesome Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas: Naked Fish’s. Their sushi was fresh and tasty; their cooked dishes were infused with flavor and beautifully presented. As a bonus, they have some creatively named house rolls. I almost ordered a W.S.O.P. roll. But in the end, my love of poker yielded to the side of me that can’t resist gratuitous and inappropriately salacious references: I got a Happy Ending roll, complete with Happy sauce. I think this place is better than any Japanese restaurant I’ve been to in LA…definitely check it out next time you’re in town!

Next Blog Post

I like to keep this blog somewhat spontaneous, so don’t expect me to make a habit out of announcing what’s to come. However, I have a great introductory game-theory discussion in store for my next blog post; it’s a simple discussion that efficiently conveys some extremely complicated and powerful ideas that you can take to the poker tables (and pretty much anywhere in life). It’s a discussion I’ve been having during a lot of my recent coaching sessions, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

May Your EV Always Be Positive!

Tony Guerrera


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