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Ain’t No Shame in My Game: Chick Drinks at Stripburger

Killer Poker Analysis is my weekly poker strategy podcast on Rounder’s Radio. It airs live on Fridays at 5:00PM PT. If you missed last week’s edition of Killer Poker Analysis, I covered:

1.) Playing AA in 3-bet pots in no-limit hold’em

2.) Mistakes to avoid when playing live poker

3.) Thinking beyond Harrington’s M Value

Last week’s edition of Killer Poker Analysis is available for download here (along with all my other past shows). This week, Killer Poker Analysis is taking a break. The Rounder’s Radio personality who helps me broadcast my show, ALakeOfFire, has had a marathon day at the hospital with his mother who was there for a scheduled procedure. And while I’ll be missing all of the KillerEV faithful, I’m happy to say that ALakeOfFire reported positive news to me when he called me to inform me of today’s show cancellation. I wish his mother a speedy recovery from surgery, and I wish all my readers happiness and good health!

Speaking of happiness, I had some Vegas adventure last night. After doing some work with Dan and Marcie on an iPhone project, we got dinner at Stripburger with hotjenny314…who returned to Vegas after being away for only 6 days.

(Side note #1: Evelyn elected to stay behind because she wasn’t feeling 100%. I can’t help but have the utmost respect for someone who’s as disciplined about taking care of herself as she is…I guess that’s just one of the many reasons I love her as much as I do)

(Side note #2: hotjenny314 really should have dragged her hubby along with her…oh well, one half of a dynamic duo is better than no half)

(Side note #3: Dan and Marcie are good friends of mine who, among other things, help out with making both and awesome)

Stripburger is located in the Fashion Show mall, across the street from the Wynn. Though I’ve walked by it a bunch of times, this was my first time there. This place has a fun, lighthearted ambiance. And even though it’s outside, the mist fans make it very comfortable.

One of my favorite nutrition books, The China Study, outlines the dangers of the meat- and dairy-heavy Western diet. In that spirit, I got a veggie burger. The veggie burger was really good; however, I took some heat from my dinner companions for my drink choice: a gumball. I had never heard of a gumball before last night, so for those of you who’ve never heard of one, it’s a mixture of bubble gum vodka and lemonade.

When I read the description, I reflexively ordered it. After “gumball” left my mouth, I knew I was going to take some friendly heat. But really, how could I pass up on bubble gum vodka? And while it’s easier to order something like a gumball in the company of good friends, I would have ordered one regardless of my company. My gumball was one of the best drinks I’ve ever had (it tasted exactly like the bubble gum fluoride treatments that kids get when they go to the dentist…I miss those days)!

Peer pressure exists everywhere. But throughout human civilization, innovation has been the result of those willing to be different. You can do the same thing that everyone else is doing and get the same results – which is fine if the results that everyone else is getting are great. But if the results that everyone else is getting aren’t great (and realize that many people talk the talk without walking the walk), then you might want to start thinking about how to do better than everyone else. Keep this in mind at the poker tables. Keep this in mind the next time someone questions your dreams and ambitions…whatever they may be. In the meantime, you might be able to catch me at Stripburger downing a gumball.

May Your EV Always Be Positive!

Tony Guerrera (The Tsunami)


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