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My Non-Exploitable Shove Cheat Sheets are Now Publicly Available!

The past week has been extremely eventful. The biggest news of all is that I made my non-exploitable shove cheat sheets available to PokerPwnage members. My non-exploitable shove cheat sheets give approximate non-exploitable jamming ranges (with respect to cEV) for stacks ranging from .5 big blinds to 27 big blinds…both without antes in play and with antes in play that are 12.5% of the big blind. Because my cheat sheets are in terms of cEV, the ranges in them are applicable for pretty much all stages of multitable tournaments and 45+ player sit and goes until around final table play.

To go along with the release of my non-exploitable shove cheat sheets, I also made a two part video series explaining how best to use them. As one member of PokerPwnage said to me in the forum there: “You just made the game more tougher than it already was.”

In short, if you’re serious about playing poker tournaments profitably, then you need a PokerPwnage membership; a membership is one of the best investments you can make in your poker tournament game. PokerPwnage features poker strategy videos from several elite online tournament players; I wouldn’t be making videos for them if I wasn’t a fan of what’s going on there.

I hope to see you in the PokerPwnage forums. I also hope to see you today at 5:00PM PT at Rounders Radio for another edition of Killer Poker Analysis. On last week’s podcast, I covered:

1.) Doing the same thing 3 consecutive hands

2.) Emotional detachment from outcomes

3.) The importance of taking care of yourself away from poker and work

Today, I’m going to cover:

1.) Ways to improve your heads-up play

2.) Defending the blinds in no-limit hold’em

3.) Using Poker Tracker 3 or Hold’em Manager to find leaks in your game.

May Your EV Always Be Positive!

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