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4 Custom Statistics for your Poker Tracker 3 Heads-Up Display

Good afternoon! It’s been a great start to the day. I got in some “relaxing” Gunstar Heroes action.

I got a Wii for Christmas, and one of my favorite things about it is the Virtual Console, which offers hundreds of classic video games. All I can say is that Gunstar Heroes on expert mode is a tough game…they don’t make many games like they used to! However, Gunstar Heroes isn’t nearly as tough as Mushihimesama Futari looks. I don’t currently own an XBox 360, but I’m planning on buying one just for Mushihimesama Futari alone. A fun way to get good at multitabling is to battle through video games like these.

Another part of being good at multitabling is good player tracking software with a properly configured heads-up display (HUD). My original plan for Sunday was to use some of my PokerStars FPP for a good old fashioned Sunday PokerStarsathon. I was going to purchase tickets to the Sunday Warm-Up, the Sunday Million, and the Sunday Second Chance, and play those tournaments while getting in a bunch of 6-max NLHE action. It was going to be a 10,000+ hand day, and an awesome start to 2010 on the poker playing front. That plan was ditched in favor of spending some much needed time reconfiguring my Poker Tracker 3 HUD and pop-up display. I wasn’t feeling 100% healthy, so it was probably the best use of my Sunday, especially since PokerStars has big tournaments every weekend.

I created the following custom stats:

Conditional Fold to PF 3-Bet: Percentage of the time a player folds to preflop 3-bet given that he either raised or called a raise

Conditional Fold to PF 4-Bet: Percentage of the time a player folds to a preflop 4-bet given that he 3-bet

Donks Flop: Percentage of the time a play donk bets on the flop given the opportunity to do so (heads-up or multiway pot). A donk bet is when a player open leads when out of position with respect to the last aggressor from the previous round. (For some unknown reason, Poker Tracker 3 includes donk bet turn and river stats, but it doesn’t come with a donk bet flop stat)

Limps First In: Percentage of the time a player opens preflop by limping when given the opportunity to do so.

I also added some other stats that are already programmed into Poker Tracker 3. In total, my HUD is now 24 statistics: 4 rows consisting of 6 numbers each (I fit them in by not using any text, by using 6 point font, and by separating using only forward slashes). The jump from 19 stats to 24 stats was a little overwhelming at first, but apparently I’m getting used to it: I’m over 4PTBB/100 for my first 10,000 6-max no-limit hold’em hands of 2010.

I popped up a few fullhanded tables during my first session just to see how my HUD would work in tournaments (the only fullhanded no-limit hold’em I tend to play is in tournaments). Unfortunately, the extra width of the HUD now covers the button in some positions. I was able to remember where the button was at the fullhanded tables, but that mental energy should really have been used to evaluate poker decisions.

I’m either going to need to invest in 2 30″ monitors (I’m currently sitting on 20s), or I’m going to need to find a way to:

1.) Get my HUD back down to 20 statistics
2.) Make better use of the pop-up display

In the KillerEV spirit, I’m going to explore the cheaper option first…especially since I’m planning on incorporating the pop-up display a bit more into my play. For example, I’m planning on including heads-up Cbet flop, Cbet turn, and Cbet river percentages when out of position and when in position. I’ve been thinking about adding similar stats for 3-way flops, but I think that might be overkill since most of the pots I play tend to be heads-up postflop…there’s no point in having a statistic that will be useless because of a lack of a significant sample set.

That’s the update for now. Some final notes before heading out:

1.) PokerStars is having a special sale on select VIP store items this month. Take advantage! I bought a hat and a scarf for the equivalent of about $13.50, and I’m looking forward to their discounted cash bonuses and tournament entries. As long as you’re getting an exchange rate of at least $0.016 per FPP, you’re getting a great deal!

2.) My first video (split into 2 30ish minute videos) is now up at I’m finishing the second video today.

May Your EV Always Be Positive!

Tony Guerrera


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