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Get $1,500 with your PokerStars FPP!

Before getting into the meat of this post, I have a quick announcement: don’t forget to tune into my weekly podcast, Killer Poker Analysis, today at 5:00PM PT at Rounder’s Radio!

PokerStars is kicking off 2010 with a bang! Their VIP program has traditionally made them the site of choice for players capable of putting in ridiculous playing volume. However, the changes they’ve made for 2010 make it slightly easier to achieve the top levels of their program; at the same time, they’ve also beefed up the rewards for the lower tiered players.

In addition, PokerStars started an interesting promotion a few days ago. They’re having a sale on select items in their VIP Store. Each day, between 5:00AM and 7:00AM PT, a 24-hour discount on a specific item is announced. This promotion is running until January 31, and there are some pretty sweet items available.

When it comes to this promotion, it’s best to keep in mind the value that FPP normally have for you. For good tournament players who don’t necessarily put in huge volume, the best regularly priced buy in the VIP store is the $215 tournament ticket worth 13,500 FPP ($0.0159/FPP)…in fact, this is also one of the best values for high volume players. Meanwhile, for low volume players, the $11 Sunday Quarter Million ticket is an excellent buy at 700 FPP ($0.0157/FPP).

The cash bonuses available for lower volume players stack up as follows and are generally not worth the FPP unless you’re a really bad tournament player:

$50 (Silver Star): 5,000 FPP -> $0.01/FPP

$285 (Gold Star): 25,000 FPP -> $0.114/FPP

$650 (Platinum Star): 50,000 FPP -> $0.013/FPP

The higher volume players have access to the following buys. These items have the best value per FPP (besides the milestone cash credits and possibly the live tournament packages when hotel expenses are factored in)

$4,000 Supernova Cash Bonus: 250,000 FPP -> $0.0160/FPP

$530 Tournament Ticket: 33,000 FPP -> $0.0161/FPP

$700 Step 5 Ticket: 43,500 FPP -> $0.0161/FPP

$2,100 Step 6 Ticket: 131,000 FPP -> $0.0160/FPP

(I included the Steps tickets because of the conversion rate, but really, the competition is really tough; if you’re able to accumulate enough FPPs to buy the Steps entries, you’re better off spending them elsewhere)

The WCOOP Event tickets are also great buys, with a conversion rate ranging from $0.0158 to $0.0165 depending on the event.

The bottom line from my personal perspective is that FPP are worth about $0.016 each. When it comes to the January VIP Store discounts, I’m keeping my eye out for tournament tickets, cash bonuses, and items that get me at least $0.016/FPP.

If you’re a Supernova, you can purchase a $1,500 cash bonus today for 85,000 FPP ($0.0176/FPP). This item is normally priced at 100,000 FPP ($0.015/FPP), so take advantage of today’s great discount if you have the FPP laying around in your PokerStars account!

May Your EV Always Be Positive!

Tony Guerrera


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