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Live from Vegas!

My move from So. Cal to Las Vegas has been relatively successful so far. Many people seem to think that my move was poker-related. It wasn’t. Commerce Casino (world’s largest poker room) and all the other poker rooms around LA make So. Cal the live poker capital of the world…no disrespect meant to the many great poker rooms in Vegas.

Instead, the move was purely motivated by monetary EV. (EV = expected value, the amount of money one expects to gain or lose in the long run on a proposition with an unknown outcome). Thanks to the crash in the Vegas housing market, Evelyn (my girlfriend) and I bought a nice condo at a great price. And as a nice little bonus, the effective rate of taxation in Nevada is much lower than that in California given the lower sales tax rate and the lack of state income tax here in Nevada. (Sorry, California…you’re not going to fix your budget crisis with my hard-earned money)

Simply put, moving to Vegas made as much sense as moving all-in with pocket Aces in a no-limit hold’em cash game…especially since it also features the following:

  • Quality live poker (for those times that I need a break from my computer)
  • Access to a 99 Ranch Supermarket (requirement of Evelyn, who’s Taiwanese)
  • Access to authentic Chinese restaurants (like the ones in LA found in San Gabriel, Monterey Park, and Rowland Heights…where the menus are in Chinese and very little English is spoken).

With the high unemployment rate (which I believe is currently around 13%), I wouldn’t recommend Vegas to everybody. I know that I’m extremely fortunate to be able to work anywhere as long as I have cell phone coverage and a high speed internet connection. But in the Thoreau-like spirit of “simplify, simplify, simplify,” it’s a great place to consider right now if you have some flexibility and you’re looking to save a bunch of money (at least if you’re purchasing a home…I’m currently not well versed in the rental market here).

Clearly, I’m excited to be in Vegas. With a new decade approaching and a new place in a new state, I’m looking to bring a refreshed sense of vigor to everything I do. I hope you all enjoy the results!

It’s time to spend some time with Evelyn figuring out how we want to do our customized closet organization in the master bedroom. And before I go to sleep, I want to analyze some no-limit hold’em lines of play that have been nagging at my curiosity for awhile.

May Your EV Always Be Positive!

Tony Guerrera (The Tsunami)



3 Responses to “Live from Vegas!”

  1. JeffK says:

    How is the mortgage crisis, and drop in home prices, gonna be remedied if folks can’t obtain a new job? There are a large number of people that previously lost their houses to foreclosure and many more will unless America starts producing something more then excuses. It’s time to adjust the trade agreements with China. For crying out loud, our largest trade partner is a communist nation.

  2. Who says the drop in home prices is something that needs to be remedied? If more people were able to buy their homes for what I bought mine for, then it would be a good thing. We paid 100% cash for our place, we have no mortgage to worry about, and we’re able to save a substantial amount of money every month – so that we have money in case of an emergency. Regarding international trade agreements, the real bottom line is that Americans need to be willing to work for less in order to compete in what has become a worldwide labor market. The prices of essentials – like food, healthcare, and housing – will need to adjust accordingly. Part of the process will also entail Americans abandoning their general sense of entitlement. Items like big screen TVs and iPads will become luxuries that should be EARNED instead of perceived necessities. The only question is whether people are ready to take the pain now – because if they aren’t, there will be much bigger problems to address down the road.

  3. Beulah Miland says:

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