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Killer Poker Analysis: 11/26/2010

Topics Covered:

1.) Separating good advice from bad

2.) My recent HUD simplification

3.) Taking time to study

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4 Responses to “Killer Poker Analysis: 11/26/2010”

  1. David Tomik says:

    I’d like to view the coaching site that lists your cheat sheets. I could not find the name on your blog. What is it?

  2. Used to be However, PokerPwnage changed to Pocket Fives Training.

  3. tdt55 says:

    Any suggestions for live players on how to analyze your play/review hands played? Whats a good general approach to becoming a student of the game? My guess is reading books, studying the math/odds of frequently occuring game situations, reviewing your lines of play. And maybe even joining an online training site. I think at this point I’ve come to realize the importance of putting in time away from the tables studying the game. I just dont know whats the best and most efficient way to go about doing that. If i decide to dedicate 2hrs a day to study, how exactly should i be spending those 2 hours? I wanna maximize the impact those 2 hours of study can have on my game.

  4. One challenge that purely live players have to overcome is that when playing only about 30 hands per hour, it’s really tempting to be results oriented. And even if you’re not results oriented, it’s really tempting to think in terms of “how should I play this hand given my hole cards” instead of “what should my overall strategy in this situation be” (where by overall strategy, I mean thinking in terms of range vs. range). I think that your studying time should be divided between online training sites, quality books (see my recommendations on the left), and thinking deeply about situations – both those that you encounter and those that you contrive.

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