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After graduating from The Taft School, Tony headed off to Pasadena, CA in the fall of 1998 to attend Caltech - where he studied physics and chemistry. Though Tony was (and still is) passionate about education, taking 6-7 classes per quarter eventually proved to be a bit too much. From 2000-2003, Tony took a handful of breaks from Caltech in an attempt to recover from the merciless onslaught of all-nighters he had put himself through. During one of these breaks, Tony discovered Commerce Casino. His love of strategic games and his desire for a more relaxed pace of life led him to study poker passionately.

Tony started a successful private tutoring business as a source of steady income. When not teaching math and science to high school students, Tony studied poker and perfected his game at Commerce, The Bike, and Party Poker. It didn't take long for poker to become a substantial supplement to his tutoring income. Tony performed well in live limit and no-limit hold'em cash games; however, he considered his best games at the time to be online no-limit hold'em single table tournaments and 6-max cash games.

At some point in 2005, John Vorhaus (JV) was working on Killer Poker Online 2 and approached Tony about writing an appendix about player tracking software since Tony used Poker Tracker 2 and PokerAce HUD when playing (Poker Tracker 2 and PokerAce HUD were the predecessors to Poker Tracker 3). Tony's material appeared in Appendix B: Information Overlord. And after that, Tony went on to do a bunch of poker writing. From 2006 to 2008, he wrote three books: Killer Poker by the Numbers, Killer Poker Shorthanded (with John Vorhaus), and Tournament Killer Poker by the Numbers. And from about 2006 to 2009, he wrote well over 100 articles about poker strategy which have been published on numerous websites and in poker publications including Poker Pro, Online Poker Pro, and Poker Player Newspaper.

Tony's thorough and mathematically rigorous material has gained him a position as a highly respected poker theorist. His ability to communicate concepts clearly and to discuss practical playing considerations has gained him a position as a highly respected poker teacher. These days, Tony focuses on creating high quality content for and And his fourth book, Tournament Endgame Strategy (with Matthew Hilger), is scheduled to be released some time in 2011.

When Tony's not playing poker or creating poker teaching materials, he's typically doing work as a consultant. Most of his consulting work is as a statistical gaming analyst - solving newly patented casino games for the house edge. However, his education and background enable him to work on a wide range of interesting projects. As great as poker and games are, Tony believes that there's more to life than poker and games. In his spare time, Tony enjoys working through textbooks to acquire new skills, playing video games, working out, enjoying Las Vegas (where he's lived since the end of 2009), and having adventures with his lovely wife, Evelyn.

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