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Software to Help Your Game

A few different types of software can help you with your game: hand simulators, player tracking software, and Nash jam/fold calculators. Hand Simulators A hand simulator takes hand match-ups as its inputs and spits out the winning percentages for each hand. Some hand simulators only work with match-ups between individual hands, but the best ones work with ...

Beware Early Position Limpers

Blinds are T1000-T2000. You’re in the fifth hour of a no-limit hold’em tournament that’s down to 40 of its 500 original entrants. You have 7 opponents at your table. A new hand is dealt. The under-the-gun player (UTG) limps with a T25,000 stack. The T8,000 stack two to his left shoves all-in. Action folds to you, and you’re in the ...

Thinking Away from the Table

To make good decisions at the table, you need to do good analysis away from the table. If you can't analyze a poker situation in the comfort of your own home, there's no way you can correctly assess a situation when you're in a casino or when you're playing multiple tables concurrently online. Recall and Express Situations As Precisely ...

Table Selection

Suppose you’re the best shorthanded no-limit hold’em player in the world. You sit at a $500-$1,000 blind shorthanded no-limit hold’em game with five other world-class shorthanded no-limit hold’em players. Meanwhile, at the same time, there’s a $100-$200 blind shorthanded no-limit hold’em game featuring three world-class players and two relatively weak players. If your goal is to make the most money ...

Check Your Ego at the Door

Poker can be an ego-driven enterprise, as will any setting involving competition, money, glitz, glamor, and the chance to eviscerate and crush one’s foes. Our egos swell when we bluff successfully, and they shrink when our opponents bluff successfully. We feel like kings of the world when opponents make losing calls against us, and we feel like donkeys when we ...

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