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Killer Poker Analysis: 12/4/2011

This is the last edition of Killer Poker Analysis - at least for the foreseeable future. In this show, I wrap things up by addressing seven important themes that relate to everything I've talked about over the past few years.

Killer Poker Analysis: 9/7/2011

1.) Possible merits of buying into no-limit hold'em cash games with stacks shorter than 100bbs 2.) Suited connectors in no-limit hold'em 3.) cEV Mode: What it means to be in chip accumulation mode in tournaments

Killer Poker Analysis: 7/27/2011

1.) The impact that rake can have on game selection and in-game strategy 2.) Clumping

Killer Poker Analysis: 7/4/2011

1.) Thinking of terms of strategy versus strategy 2.) Strategies involving multiple bet sizes

Killer Poker Analysis: 6/22/2011

1.) Shifting from cEV mode to "ICM mode" 2.) Session management

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