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Tony's April 2011 Podcasts

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/29/2011

Friday, April 29th, 2011
1.) Open-limping in late position

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/22/2011

Friday, April 22nd, 2011
1.) Black Friday updates 2.) Brick-and-mortar play following Black Friday 3.) Edges in live play that can't be had in online play

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/15/2011

Friday, April 15th, 2011
1.) Black Friday: the US government's actions against PokerStars, Full Tilt, and UB. I assert that while this is a huge blow for those who enjoy playing online poker, the issue at hand is really much bigger - and I talk about how the US has strayed from the principles it was founded upon.

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/8/2011

Friday, April 8th, 2011
1.) Considerations for when to rebuy and add-on in RA tournaments 2.) Managing strategy when playing tournaments with varying payout structures 3.) Thoughts on what makes the recognized elite players better than the simply somewhat successful grinders

Killer Poker Analysis: 4/1/2011

Friday, April 1st, 2011
1.) How to make good deals in tournaments; how to decline bad deals 2.) Strategic considerations for playing in no-limit hold'em games when preflop raises are large 3.) Advanced ways to optimize table selection in online cash games

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